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Henry Prather Fletcher

Diplomat, Statesman and Rough Rider


Henry Prather Fletcher was born and raised in Greencastle, rode with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and served 51 years under eight presidents as a United States diplomat and statesman to six foreign countries. He was also Chairman of the National Republican Committee and invited President Herbert C. Hoover, as his guest, to Rosemont in Greencastle.

Front view of the mansion house built in 1872 by Judge David Watson Rowe (pronounced "row"). It was located near South Ridge Avenue; the front faced South Allison Street with Rowe and Addison Avenues on the north and south. The estate, a block square, was surrounded by a six-foot high, honeysuckle-covered wire fence. A driveway wound around a golfing green in the center of the lawn. Rosemont was also the Greencastle residence of Henry Prather Fletcher - diplomat, statesman, Rough Rider and nephew of Judge Rowe.

Henry P. Fletcher, retiring Ambassador to Italy, (in white suit) among other native sons of Greencastle during Old Home Week 1929. Left to right: H. Watson Davison, D. Watson Fletcher, Watson R. Snively, the Ambassador, Judge Watson R. Davison, Harry P. Kreps, J. Gilmore Fletcher, Charles W. Gaff, Charles W. Davison, Dr. J. Rowe Snively.

A history of 
Henry P. Fletcher 
Glen L. Cump

Events in the Life of Henry Prather Fletcher
1873  Born in Greencastle
1889  Graduated from the Chambersburg Academy
1894  Admitted to the Franklin County Bar
1898  Enlisted as Private in Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders
1901  Enlisted and served in the 40th U. S. Inf. in the Phillipines
1902  Under Secretary of U. S. Legation at Havannah, Cuba**
1903  Second Secretary of Legation in China**
1905  Secretary of Legation in Portugal**
1907  First Secretary of Legation in China**
1910  Ambassador to Chile*
1916  Ambassador to Mexico*. Resigned in discussed in 1920
1917  Married Beatrice Bend whom he met in China
1921  First Secretary of State to Charles Evans Hughes
1921  Purchased Rosemont estate in Greencastle
1922  Ambassador to Belgium*
1924  Ambassador to Italy* during Mussolini's dictatorship
1928  Along with Calvin Coolidge to Pan American Games in Havannah
1929  Along with Herbert Hoover went visiting South America
1929  Herbert Hoover weekend guest at Rosemont
1930  Named as Advisor of Commission to natives of Haiti
1930  Named Chairman of U. S. Tariff Commission
1934  Chairman of the National Republican Committee
1936  Nomination for President of United States considered.
1937  Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher register as citizens of Rhode Island
1941  Mrs. Fletcher dies at Rosemont
1944  Delegate to the Dumbarton Oaks Program
1945  Advisor to Secretary of State at Brenton Wood Conference
1952  Parliamentarian to the National Republican Committee
1959  Died in his Newport, Rhode Island home

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher are interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

Fletcher served 51 years under eight presidents as a US ambassador to four countries and held various secretarial positions with legations to three other countries. 

The presidents under whom he served are:
Theodore Roosevelt 
William Taft
Woodrow Wilson 
Warren Harding
Calvin Coolidge 
Herbert Hoover
Franklin Roosevelt 
Harry Truman

* The four countries to which he served as ambassador are:

** The three countries to which he served in a secretarial position with a legation are: