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Vintage Hats 1950-1960  

Peacetime.  Suburbs grew and televisions were the rage replacing radios.  The Cold War began and the threat that Communism would spread worldwide was feared. The Korean War was fought.  Fear of nuclear war spurred the building of bomb shelters.  The Civil Rights movement began. Elvis Presley changed  the sound of music.  Drive-in movies were the place to be on weekends.

Fashion:  Christian Dior again led the fashion world with the tight sheath dress and full-skirted shirtwaist dress. Halter dresses and full circle skirts (with poodles) were worn by the young. In the second have of the decade, Dior’s A-Line, Givenchy’s chemise, and St. La8urent’s Trapeze hinted at things to come – the mini!

The lucite purse of the fifties is on loan from Cyndi Carbaugh.

Hats:  Both the pillbox and the cartwheel complemented the early ‘50’s styles.  Also popular were small, fitted, sculpted hats.  The bouffant hairstyles of the later ‘50’s were accommodated with roomy crowns in larger hats.

ca. 1950–1960 This one of the hat styles which was introduced by Christian Dior as the “New Look”. 

The hat is loosely based on the coolie hat and by extension, the flat hats of the 18th century, which sometimes were covered in feathers.

ca. 1950 –1960 A hat which fits on the back of the head like a cap.

The surface consists of velvet leaves and ribbons done in vibrant colors culminating in a sort of looped cap.  The inspiration, at least to me, appears to have been something that might be worn by a pixie – Peter Pan.

ca. 1950–1960 A hat of blue feathers over framework. 

The form fits over the head in a bandeau – clamping it in place.  This style was very popular throughout the 1950’s.  It is shown with a Schiaparelli hat box which is not original because it is marked “Elsa” Schiaparelli.