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April-May Special Exhibit

The special exhibit is “The Printed Hankies of Your Mother & Grandmother.”  The collection is that of Phoebe Ann Erb, native of Lancaster, and well-known textile designer, now living in Boston.


About Town

April 21, 2017: Docents for Allison-Antrim Museum will be sharing the history of downtown historical sites with the GA Middle School 6th graders, between 9 am and noon.

April 28, 2017:  Dr. Gloria Walker, AAMI board member, will be challenging the students, during the GAMS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Event, to recreate a scale model of Henry “Box” Brown’s freedom crate from heavy tag board, tongue depressors, and duct tape.   Henry Brown, a slave, shipped himself from slavery to freedom in Philadelphia, in a wooden crate.


April 22, 2017, Saturday, 5:30 pm:

Mystery Dinner Fundraiser – The Inaugural Ball of James Buchanan

You are invited to “The Inaugural Ball of James Buchanan” for Allison-Antrim Museum’s first mystery dinner fundraiser.  Tickets are $45 and will be available shortly.    The event will be held at Blue Herron the evening of April 22.  The cast of characters will introduce the mystery at the beginning of the evening and remain in-character the remainder of the evening.  The task of the guests will be to solve the mystery.  more information and tickets


May 11 Speaker Meeting

Joe Mieczkowski will present “Lincoln and His Cabinet"

You are invited to Allison-Antrim Museum’s speaker’s meeting at 7 pm, in the bank Barn at 365 South Ridge Avenue, Greencastle, PA  17225.  Joe Mieczkowski will present a PowerPoint presentation, “Lincoln and His Cabinet,” based on his book of the same title.  Lincoln's first cabinet included all of his major rivals for the Republican nomination for President in 1860, including William H. Seward, Salmon P. Chase, Simon Cameron (Maytown, Pennsylvania), and Edward Bates.  Lincoln did not shy away from surrounding himself with strong-minded men, even including those whose credentials for office appeared to be much more impressive than his own.  It seems clear that his goal was not to create a "War Cabinet" (because he did not expect war) but to create a cabinet that would unite the party – a team of rivals. Mieczkowski retired from federal service after a 38-year career.  He now teaches leadership courses at the Lincoln Leadership Institute in Gettysburg, PA.  Mieczkowski is, also, a licensed Battlefield Guide for the Gettysburg National Military Park, and is a Past President of both the Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable and The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides.  He has three books to his credit: Lincoln and his Cabinet, Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet, and After Gettysburg.  Joe resides in Fairfield, PA with his wife, Chris.   There’s no admission fee but donations will be accepted toward the speaker series.  IF inclement weather is an issue & there’s a chance of cancellation, please call 717. 597.9325 for more information.


Saturday, June 3

Allison-Antrim Museum will be closed to the public on Saturday, June 3 due to hosting the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania German Society.  The museum will open again on Tuesday, June 6 at noon.





Ballroom Dance Classes

The focus is on basic fundamentals such as lead, follow, proper frame and basic footwork.  Everyone learns at their own speed. A sense of rhythm is helpful.  It does not take much to make you feel socially confident on the dance floor.


Please wear shoes with solid soles that glide easily on the floor.

The barn's floor is wood and provides the best possible surface for dancing.


Come give it a try or watch a class for free.


Beginner Classes Wednesday

Intermediate Classes Tuesday


Also, when you join a dance class you are helping to support the

climate control expenses of the barn.


Visit MadAboutBallroom website





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