WWI – The Great War & Greencastle-Antrim Doughboys Exhibition

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, Allison-Antrim Museum’s fall exhibition, from its collections, includes uniform items from seven native sons who fought in WWI, and eight others for whom the museum has photographs.  They include James H. Craig Sr, Wilbur Robert Craig, William Henry "Harry" Gillan, Walter Binkley, Arthur James Fair, Duffield Winger Varden (grandson of Civil War veteran Lt Col Ben Franklin Winger), and Dr. Thomas Gilland, and Frank L. Carbaugh, Thomas Atherton, brothers Frank and George Diehl, Carter Warren “Moses” Rankin, John Amos Acker, Neill Brumbaugh, and Harold E. Pentz.  WWI recruiting posters, trench art, souvenirs, Prussian helmets, rifle bayonets, a slide show of WWI photographs from France and Germany, and much more is included in the exhibition, which opens October 26, 2018.


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The Battle of Belleau Wood

Allison-Antrim Museum’s 2018 Holiday meeting and dinner will be held at John Allison Public House, 155 South Antrim Way, Greencastle, on Tuesday, November 20.  The buffet meal will be served at 6:30 pm.  The meeting and dinner are both open to the public. The menu includes braised turkey breast with pan gravy or honey baked ham, vegetable medley, whipped potatoes, coffee and tea. The price per person is $23, which includes gratuity and tax.  Reservations “and” payment must be “received” by Thursday, November 15.  Checks, payable to Allison-Antrim Museum, may be sent to 365 S Ridge Ave, Greencastle, PA 17225 or reservations can be made and paid via PayPal on the Museum’s website at  If paying via PayPal, the receipt is your ticket, which must be brought with you.


The speaker is Ed Bearss, one of the foremost military historians in the U.S.   He will be speaking on the Battle of Belleau Wood – one of the bloodiest and most ferocious battles in World War I, for American troops.  It was fought 100 years ago June 1 – 26, 1918 and has become a key component of U. S. Marine Corps lore.  This allied victory cost American forces (Marine and U.S. Army), along with their French and English allies, nearly 10,000 casualties, which includes 1,800 dead.  Of those dead, 1,056 were U.S. Marines.


Overall, the Marines made six attacks into the woods, fighting parts of five German divisions. The superior marksmanship of the Marines cost many German lives and often the fighting was reduced to hand-to-hand combat.


The battle also produced one of the most famous quotes in U.S. Marines Corps history.  Early in the battle, First Sgt. Dan Daly, the recipient of two Medals of Honor, prompted his men to move forward with, "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?"


Ed Bearss’ uncle, Hiram Bearss, was a legendary Marine who fought at Belleau Wood.  A former Marine himself, Ed Bearss served in the Pacific during WWII and was seriously wounded by Japanese machine gun fire on New Britain, January 2, 1944.


Bearss served as the Chief Historian of the National Park Service from 1981 to 1994.  Upon his retirement, he was given the title of Chief Historian Emeritus by the National Park Service.  Bearss is the recipient of more than 15 awards for his work in history and battlefield preservation.  He appears frequently as a commentator on various television documentaries, among them: Ken Burns' PBS production The Civil War.  Bearss is the author, or editor of more than 20 books on the Civil War.  At the age of 95, he is still going strong as a speaker or tour guide for groups such as The Smithsonian Associates and Chambersburg Civil War Seminars.  Don't miss this exciting and engrossing presentation by a national treasure.


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The meeting will be rescheduled

September 13, 2018,

7 pm Speaker’s meeting,

 AAMI welcomes back Dr. Edward Steers, Jr., whose PowerPoint presentation will be “Lincoln's Image and   Influence in the U.S. and Around the World.”  Our 16th president has exercised more influence through his image and legacy than anyone else to hold that office.  In all corners of the world, from Tokyo to London, Lincoln’s image is ever present. Steers is one of the leading Lincoln scholars in the country and has written over 60 articles in various magazines and historical journals and he is the author of more than 10 books on Lincoln and the Lincoln assassination, including the critically acclaimed Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Before retirement, Steers was a molecular biologist, and collaborated with Christian B. Anfinsen (Nobel Prize winner in 1972) & was Deputy Science Director for the National Institute Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases.  There’s no admission fee but donations are accepted toward the speaker series.  For more info, please call 717. 597.9010


Ebbert Spring Park & Archaeological Preserve

The Archaeology Conservancy will create trails with archaeological, historical, geological, ecological, and environmental history kiosks throughout the property. The trails will be completed by Old Home Week 2019.






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