An exhibition of portraits by the 19th century local artist Dr. William D. Lechler (1809 to 1889.)  Now online only.

The following portrait descriptions are abbreviated.  Please visit full website for detailed text.

Nancy Funk Lechler

(Feb 6, 1811 – July 28, 1890)


Nancy Funk married Dr. William David Lechler

Frederick Ziegler (January 19, 1778 – May 30, 1857)


Frederick was the father of George W. Ziegler, the first Ziegler to come to Greencastle, PA, in 1833.

Maria Ayres Fatzinger Ziegler (March 17, 1847)


Maria Fatzinger was the daughter of George and Catharine Ayres Fatzinger, of Greencastle, PA.  Maria married George W. Ziegler in 1842.

George W. Ziegler (April 30, 1810 – November 16, 1897)


George W. was born near Leitersburg, MD, the son of Frederick and Rose Ann Elizabeth Lantz Ziegler.  He was the first Ziegler to come to Greencastle in 1833.

Nancy Baechtel Snively (1795 – June 13, 1853


Nancy Baechtel married Joseph Snively on May 28, 1811.  They had issue: Isaac, Mary, Benjamin, Christiana, Joseph, Samuel B., David, Nancy, and Emma.

Joseph Snively (December 12, 1786 – August 22, 1872)


Joseph Snively was the son of Joseph and Magdalena Stoner Snively.

Joseph Gabby (April 25, 1779 – November 30, 1856)


Joseph Gabby was the son of John Gabby and was born in the Leitersburg district.

Ann Cummins Gabby (April 25, 1779 – January 6, 1852)


Ann married Joseph Gabby and they had issue: Elizabeth, Jane, Emily, and John and William, who both died in infancy.

Zeigler or Ziegler, “White Bush” estate,

Martinsburg, WV


The given names of this couple are not known but what is known about them comes from the sizeable, folded document, with a red seal, in the husband’s hands.  The document is most likely a land deed, which indicates that they were wealthy and owned a considerable amount of land.

John Gehr


John Gehr was a landowner in Washington Township, Franklin County, PA.


Subjects Unknown


Although the names of this couple are not known, the red leather bound book in the gentleman’s hand is meant to convey that he is educated.  The small book in his wife’s hand is most likely a pocket testament and says to the viewer that she is woman of great faith and belief in God.


Allegorical Painting


This is a rare Lechler painting.  The fine art image in the framed print, displayed in the glass case, inspired Dr. William D. Lechler to step outside of his “signature” style of painting.

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