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One of the main goals of Allison-Antrim Museum is to share our community’s rich history and heritage with students and teachers. Our history is part of America’s history. During this past year at AAMI, a graduate student at Shippensburg University completed an internship, as part of the requirement for a master’s degree. In the fall, the museum provided an accredited professional development program, under the Teaching American History grant program, which was open to teachers in Franklin County. A high school junior completed 30 hours of community service, required for graduation; and AAMI’s pre-written local-history lesson plans were introduced to students in the school district. In this past school year, AAMI spent more hours with teachers and students than ever before. If the museum can excite our students about their past, they will be able to make a connection with what is happening in their lives today, and think about how they can get involved and make a difference in their community tomorrow.


Membership dues help pay for the annual overhead costs such as utilities, office, curatorial and conservation expenses and, in addition, support the monthly speaker series, the Reminiscing Series of videotaped oral histories of the Greencastle-Antrim area, the wide-ranging monthly exhibits, maintenance of the museum’s website, and publication of Allison-Antrim Annals.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, a sincere “thank you” to every member, volunteer, donor, and program attendee over the past year. Allison-Antrim Museum’s future successes depend on help – from you, your family, friends, and neighbors. I’m asking you to consider the value, to both you and the community, of membership in Allison-Antrim Museum and participation, in whatever way you can help.


“Thank you” for helping to honor the past by preserving our local heritage for future generations.


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